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Diocesan Guidelines

For the sake of diocesan cohesion and in order to support Catholic establishments in the Var in the implementation of their educational and pastoral projects, diocesan guidelines have been promulgated within the jurisdiction of the diocese of Fréjus-Toulon.


The Educational Project

The educational project, which refers to the Gospel and therefore includes the pastoral dimension, is about the aim: what type of man we intend to train and for what society. Its purpose is the training and development of students. It translates the values which underpin the choices of the educational community and takes into account all dimensions of the life of the establishment.

The Pastoral Project

A pastoral project is above all about showing the path to take, it is about giving ourselves a common Christian future. It allows the educational community to question the way in which school signifies and translates the inspiration and calls of the Gospel and its founders.


The Establishment Project



The Reinforced English Project

From the 2020/2021 school year, the reinforced English project consists of integrating more hours of English practice into the current school program from kindergarten to CM2 thanks to the intervention of an English intern.


The Adaptation Group

The mission of this system is to prevent, treat and reduce academic difficulty;while promoting the implementation of the Inclusive School desired by the 2005 law on disability.

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